Use your Kindle as a portable typewriter

Bluetooth keyboard + iPHONE + e-reader = type outside in sunlight

Write in sunlight

Get outside and write without a pen

Traditional screens are fantastic everywhere but outside, especially on a sunny day.

Take advantage of your Kindle's e ink screen to put your thoughts on paper even outside, with no need to transcribe later.

Works with Kindle Scribe, Kindle Paperwhite, and many others!

The easiest way to type on your Kindle

Just download the iOS or Android app, follow the in-app instructions, and start writing!

Write outside where you want to

Parks, beaches, backyards... anywhere you wanted to but couldn't

Get your text your way

Save files on your device, or share through email, SMS, and more

Free ninety-nine

SolarWriter is now free!

Download SolarWriter for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

SolarWriter acts as a hub between your keyboard and your e-reader. You type on the keyboard, and the text appears on both on the mobile device and on the e-reader's screen in a web browser.

The Kindle doesn't have the bluetooth hardware necessary to connect a keyboard. SolarWriter uses your iOS or Android device's hardware to overcome this limitation.

Up-to-date instructions are included on the Help page inside the app. Basically you must connect your bluetooth keyboard to your iOS/Android mobile device, connect your mobile device and e-reader to the same WiFi network (often your mobile device's Personal Hotspot), and visit a web address given in the app (no Internet connection required) in your e-reader's browser.

SolarWriter works with any e-reader that has a web browser. Try the app out to be sure it works for you!

Yes! To work outside without a Wifi network, a mobile phone with a plan supporting Personal Hotspot is recommended.

The screen updates as fast as the e-reader hardware can. On a Kindle PaperWhite or Voyage, the delay is noticable but easy to work with. The best way to find out is to try SolarWriter yourself.

SolarWriter uses the native bluetooth keyboard connection on your iOS/Android device, and will therefore work with any keyboard that works with iOS or Android. SolarWriter was tested primarily with an Apple bluetooth keyboard.

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